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REPO! Logging Community
Tonight, the genetic opera is the place to be!
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8th-Jun-2010 04:55 pm(no subject)
truth and beauty
Characters Grell and Jack
Rating PG-13/R for swearing and domestic violence.
Summary A "discussion".
Location Grell's house
Date/Time Really late at night, after Grell's talk with Fuji...I fail at dates
Status done

How hard I try to overreach myselfCollapse )
17th-May-2010 01:08 am - Oh no you didn't
Characters Jade, Dist, and Ema
Rating PG-13 for drug addiction and language
Summary Jade has been keeping an eye on Ema while she falls apart, and hasn't missed Dist's activities regarding her. Knowing Dist, he goes to make sure he's not killing her.
Location Dist's home
Date/Time October 29, noon
Status Completed log

It will be delicious when I get viciousCollapse )
21st-Mar-2010 02:54 am - i believe in medication
Characters: Ema, Dist
Rating: R for DRUGS
Summary: Ema is not well. Dist goes to see why. :|
Location: Ema's apartment, probably eventually Dist's garage
Date/Time: October 28, evening
Status: ongoing

it's so uplifting, fuck yeahCollapse )
14th-Mar-2010 10:59 pm(no subject)
Characters Sora, Demyx, whoever
Rating PG?
Summary They meet.
Location A club.
Date/Time Oct 10th. Evening
Status ongoing and while it's made for Demyx, it's also totally open for whoever wants to interact with Sora

dance water danceCollapse )
I can't believe this...
Characters Ema and Kasai
Rating PG-13
Summary Ema and her drug dealer meet up, have a nice dinner, chat about certain Repo Men.
Location That one bar where Ema and Kasai first shared a meal together. Dawww
Date/Time October 4th, evening. Which means HEY GUESS WHAT STILL MORE BACKLOGGING. *is fail*
Status ooooongoing

Do your fingers itch, are you pistol-whipped?Collapse )
Characters Adel Todd (Death), Grell Sutcliffe, Kuja
Rating PG-13 at worst
Summary Adel introduces a chosen fan to the magical mirrored world of the Gene Co stage. And it generally explodes in his face.
Location Backstage at the opera
Date/Time October 31st, during the festival
Status In progress

I was meant for the stageCollapse )
Characters Artemis, Rikku, Schuldig
Rating PG-13
Summary When a seemingly routine business transaction goes awry, young Master Fowl is not only relieved to escape with his life and limbs, but is relieved of one of his most prized possessions.
Location A particularly seedy neighborhood, populated by dumpsters, mostly.
Date/Time October 10th, late evening
Status Ongoing Completed

when did he get all confident?Collapse )
19th-Jan-2010 12:31 am - While the dark heart is dawning
Characters Ema Skye, Sephiroth
Rating R
Summary Ema has been summoned to the front lines of a massacre.
Location Ruins of the R&D labs.
Date/Time October 6, not too long after this log.
Status Complete!!

And the sky is as black as youCollapse )
16th-Jan-2010 05:24 am - Everybody, everybody!
Let the monster rise!
Characters: Everyone!
Rating: We'll say R to be safe. SRY NO NC-17 FOR YOU.
Summary: GeneCo's famous Italian Renaissance festival preceding the night's Genetic Opera
Location: Sanitarium Square, outside the GeneCo building
Date/Time: October 31st, evening
Status: OPEN

Line up, line up now!Collapse )
Characters Sephiroth
Rating R for Redrum.
Summary It took GeneCo a lifetime to craft Sephiroth, and about three days to break him. He seeks to return the favor.
Location The R&D laboratories.
Date/Time October 6, bright and early.
Status Closed event

This is warCollapse )
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